Third Party Authorization

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This form is to be completed by Sponsors only. If you are a student and need registration assistance, please contact the Enrollment Center.

If an United States based Company/Agency, with a valid Federal Tax Identification number, issues purchase orders/vouchers/LOI to Cuyahoga Community College, the Third Party Authorization form must be included with the purchase order/voucher/LOI unless the purchase order/voucher/LOI already includes the following information:

Student Information 

  • Full Legal Name
  • CCC Student Number
  • Period of Authorization - i.e. (Summer 20xx Semester)
  • Type of Sponsorship and Amount (Tuition Only; Tuition and Books; Tuition, Books and Supplies; Books only)

Sponsor Information

  • Name of Sponsor
  • Address
  • Billing Address and/or Billing Information
  • Contact Person
  • Telephone Number
  • Email address
  • Federal Identification Number (Required)
  • Please submit a W-9 if one has not already been submitted.

Please list the students that the Company/Agency is sponsoring for the term selected above and the maximum amount of charges to be billed. If the Company/Agency is paying a % of costs, please indicate the % to be billed to the Company/Agency. If additional space is needed, please attach a list of students on Company/Agency letterhead.

Note: If you are paying for books and other items not included in the pricing of the courses below, you have the opportunity to set up a separate arrangement with our on-campus Barnes & Noble book stores.  Please contact Barnes & Noble for the setup instructions.

Student 1

Authorized Tuition and Fees

Student 2

Authorized Tuition and Fees

Student 3

Authorized Tuition and Fees

Student 4

Authorized Tuition and Fees

Student 5

Authorized Tuition and Fees

Student 6

Authorized Tuition and Fees

Terms and Conditions

  • Pay invoice within 30 days from date of invoice.
  • The Student's name must differ from Company/Agency Contact signing off on the form.
  • All College registration and refund policies apply to this contract.
  • Sponsor is responsible for the student’s tuition, fees and books that were authorized regardless of the status of employment.
  • Sponsor is responsible for any charges for courses started but not completed (i.e. courses withdrawn from during the semester) or grade(s) received.
  • Sponsor is responsible for all charges regardless of grade(s) received.
  • If student grades are required, the student will need to log in to their my Tri-C space to authorize the college to release grades directly to the sponsor.
  • No student account, financial aid, or academic information will be released without a signed FERPA Waiver authorizing the College to release such information to the Company/Agency.
  • The College will apply any Federal or State Financial Aid (i.e. PELL, SEOG, OCOG) to the students account prior to billing the Company/Agency. Payment from the Company/Agency will be applied before any institutional or outside scholarships. If this policy conflicts with your Company/Agency policy, please attach a letter of explanation detailing how to apply Company/Agency funds.
  • Sponsors will be charged at the tuition rate that is applicable to the students’ residency status.
  • Any authorization accepted in lieu of this form, PO/Voucher/LOI, the sponsor must provide all required above information and agree to the terms and conditions on this form.

All unpaid sponsor balances will be remitted to the Ohio Attorney General's office for collection efforts.

Please email for questions about this form.

By clicking Submit you agree to to the terms and conditions stated above.