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  • Eng. 1020 paper on the topic of the Suffrage Movement
  • A persuasive speech on home schooling for COMM 1010.

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Please be as detailed as possible using complete sentences which include the steps that have already been taken in pursuit of finding information.

Examples (research related):

  • I need help finding research on how kids develop phobias. Once I click 'library' and get to the page that says Libraries Research Guides I'm not sure what to click on. Everything I've clicked on has been dead ends and I can't find any articles on how kids develop phobias. I need at least one book and one reputable article
  •  I'm writing a five page anthropology paper on the looting of archaeological sites, and I don't have a clue where to start. Can you help me?

Examples (brief or factual):

  • Help, I need the web site address for Miami University in Oxford, OH
  • What does the term zoonethesia mean? It is in an article I am reading for my Nursing class?
  • Can you direct me to the best Research Database for finding Company Information?

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