College Credit Plus Authorization Form

Authorization Form

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Form is to be filled out by a school approver only.
Forms filled out by student will not be processed.

Student Information

(Student must be accepted to the College Credit Plus program at Tri-C prior to submission of this form.)

All correspondence regarding admissions and registration from Tri-C will be communicated to the student via email. Please provide a student email address that is accessible and checked regularly.

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Please indicate the specific courses below. If you do not know the courses you wish to take, you will need to make a counseling appointment.
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Academic Information

Administrator: To ensure each student does not exceed full-time status, calculate full-time status as follows:

  1. Determine student's number of high school ONLY units.
  2. Multiple that number by 3.
  3. Subtract the result from the number 30 = CCP Credits Allowed.

Decimals not allowed; please round down.