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  • Eng. 1020 paper on the topic of the Suffrage Movement
  • A persuasive speech on home schooling for Speech 1010
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Please be as detailed as possible using complete sentences which include the steps that have already been taken in pursuit of finding information.
  • I am doing a research paper for my English 1020 class on school vouchers. I have tried to find books and articles on the topic using the Library's homepage resources but have had very little luck. Nothing is available in aCCCess and the articles in SIRS are not long enough. I need to have at least 10 sources - books, articles, and web sites. I don't get any good results when I use the search engine Yahoo.
  • I'm writing a five page anthropology paper on the looting of archaeological sites, and I don't have a clue where to start. Can you help me?
  • Help, I need the web site address for Miami University in Oxford, OH.
  • What does the term zoonethesia mean? It is in an article I am reading for my Nursing class?
  • Can you direct me to the best Research Database for finding Company Information?
Characters Remaining: 1000
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